Emergency Response Crane Removal Heavy Lift - Port Of Vancouver


In the Winter of 2019 Dynamic was contracted to decommission a damaged container crane at the Port of Vancouver, within 5 hours of the initial call The Dynamic Beast, together with the crew, were mobilized and on site.

Priority focus was to remove the boom which had collapsed on top of the containers on the Ever Summit vessel; in order to do so safely, pieces of steel were welded onto ruptured parts of the crane in order to ensure the structural integrity of the crane once the boom was removed, upon successful completion of removing the boom, focus shifted to preparation of the machine room and back reach which were to be deconstructed, lifted and removed.

Weighing 150T, the back reach was removed in one lift and placed on the deck of the barge, the machine room was cleaned out and removed in one lift using the M-1200 Ringer Crane.

The Dynamic Beast M-1200 Ringer Crane together with the support 4100 W Series 2 crane were integral in ensuring that the sections of the container crane were removed safely ensuring the Port of Vancouver could revert to regular operations.

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