AGT Shiploader Installation


Year: 2017-2018

Location: Vancouver Harbour, BC

In conjunction with the AGT Balance of Plant project Dynamic was commissioned, together with EMS Tech, to assist AGT with the complete demolition and installation of the new ship loading system.  

A thorough examination was conducted in order to put forward a safe and detailed demolition plan for the existing ship loader. Demolition took place from the water using the 900 Ton The Dynamic Beast water rig as the main working crane while a second barge crane assisted in the installation of rigging.

After installation of the conveyor modules, incline trusses and transfer tower, the verification of rail and mechanical alignments were completed. Electrical feeders installed from the transfer tower to the drive tower to connect to the local control and power cabinet in the drive tower. Conveyor belt and cover belts were installed and vulcanized upon the confirmation of the conveyor alignment.

Together with the above the following was included in the installation, cladding & roofing, aspiration, ship loading spouts, and chute work.